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Which of these sounds most like you?

✔ You’ve been staring at a blank screen with that blinking cursor for far too long. And you just want someone to tell you exactly what to post, what to send… the simpler and easier to follow, the better, right?

✔ You’re stuck in constant creation mode. You’ve posted on social, sent the emails, but you’re not seeing a return on the time spent. Your stats and revenues have been flat lined for the last three months.

✔ You know the importance of consistency in your business, but it’s not happening. And you wish someone would just tell you what to say, or even better, write the email and the social post for you. If it was simple and you could just copy and paste, you’d make it a priority…

✔ You spend more time scrolling for inspo than you do posting your own content. But all that scrolling just leaves you feeling even more overwhelmed and distracted.

✔ You want to get to the next level, but... NOT if it means having to work more hours or hustle harder (you don’t have time to add something extra unless it’s going to actually get RESULTS!)…

Which of these did you relate to most?

If you’re like the entrepreneurs we work with, you’re tired of spinning your wheels, struggling with what to post on a daily basis.

You’re sick of wasting your time + energy on your content marketing when you could be doing the things you love, like serving your clients, growing your business, or playing with your kids.

What if you had a proven method that would help you publish searchable content monthly, send emails weekly, and post to social daily… so that you can bring in consistent clients and consistent growth, while working flexible hours.

And what if it was all laid out in a simple to follow system - with the captions already written for you?

Imagine what it will be like when…

➤ You’re showing up CONSISTENTLY while spending less time writing content and more time doing the things you love most…

➤ You wake up knowing the exact three actions to take to CONFIDENTLY show up… you know what to talk about and it’s already written for you!

➤ You’re more visible, with more engagement on your posts (no more crickets!)...

➤ You see an increase in income and impact, because you were talking about the things your audience needed to hear…

If you are struggling to come up with what to post for your on-line business on social media, look no further! These ladies are the best when it comes to giving you a monthly content plan. Their ideas are fresh, relevant, and their trainings are top notch! I cannot recommend them enough!

- Stephanie

Before, my content was inconsistent and lacked dimension to help me connect with my ideal clients. I was overwhelmed with what to create content around in an ongoing manner for my business. Having my content mapped out for me helps me to consistently create content in less time and put out content that I was proud of instead of spending hours trying to come up with the next week’s content and feeling overwhelmed.

- Jena

Put your content on autopilot so that you can...

✔ Spend more time with your family

✔ Serve and focus on your clients

✔ Run your business like the pro that you are

You can do all of this and more with The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership!

The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership is the done-with-you content membership that will help you

show up consistently

grow your social media following

connect with your email list

bring in sales from your content marketing!

Basically exactly what you need to create your content – FASTER than ever!
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What’s included when you join?

Monthly Content Playbook

This is the GOLDEN playbook (and simple solution) that your online business needs! In it we outline your monthly article (or podcast or video), your weekly emails to your list, your daily social media captions, and your daily stories!

Daily Mad-Lib Style Caption Templates

Yes, we’re calling this one out separately because it’s THAT good…. You’ll never wonder what to post or when to post when you’ve got your daily captions and stories ideas done for you!

Monthly Graphics Pack

We know we don’t have to tell you that short-form video is THE way to increase your reach and engagement on social media right now… and when you join The Content Club - we’ll give you reels templates + ideas that you can use even if you don’t want to dance on the screen. (Or you can 100% dance if you want to)

But that’s not all…

Check out these BONUSES you get when joining The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership!!

The Entire Launch Playbook

Struggling with what to post and when to send emails leading up to your launch? This bonus is worth more than the ANNUAL investment in the membership… and it’s yours to keep when you join today!

Monthly Social Media Checklists + Audits

With The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership you’ll get all the tools you need to be visible PLUS monthly social media checklists and audits so that you can make sure your platforms are set up to convert.

Monthly Implementation Workshops

Struggling with staying accountable and taking action? The monthly implementation workshop is the go-to place to work through your playbook and set your marketing up for success.

The App

Take all of the next-level trainings with you wherever you are… when you download our app to your mobile device!

The Community

Come find the encouragement and support you need when you’re with online business owners just like you!

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So let’s recap…

When you join The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership today,

you get instant access to….

The Monthly Content Playbook (value $497)

Daily Mad-Lib Style Caption Templates (value $497)

Monthly Graphics Pack ($497 value)

BONUS: The Entire Launch Playbook (value $4,997)

BONUS: Monthly Social Media Checklists + Audits (value $497)

BONUS: Monthly Implementation Workshops (value $497)

BONUS: The App (Priceless)

BONUS: The Community (Priceless)

Hiring a Copywriter to write these for you each month could cost thousands… and hiring a social media manager to help set everything up might set you back hundreds…

The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership has the potential to save you thousands of dollars AND hundreds of hours — no panic button necessary, and we could add a price tag to match…

But because we’re committed to our mission of helping online coaches, course creators, freelancers, and digital product owners get their message to the world...

We thought we'd sweeten the deal…

Instead of $2,997 or even $497/month, today you can get everything in The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership for as little as $49/month (cancel any time)


(Lock in this rate now... because the investment will be increasing soon!)

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself… here’s my zero-risk commitment to you…

Cancel Any-Time Guarantee

Have you ever been a part of one of those memberships that seems impossible to cancel? You search for the button, email the team, and hear CRICKETS?

That’s not us!

This is a cancel-anytime with the click-of-a-button. You can cancel at any time from inside your membership dashboard or you can email our team at any time to cancel, no questions asked (but of course, we hope you won’t)!

But this program is not for everyone…

The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership! is for you if...

✅ You want to stop spinning your wheels on what you should post every day

✅ You want to grow your business, but don’t want to be salesy or spammy

✅ You want to save time + energy when it comes to writing your content

✅ You want to grow your following without having to post a gazillion times a day

The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership! is NOT for you if…

❌ You want to keep doing it all yourself, without a plan of action

❌ You’re happy with where your business is at right now

❌ You’re OK with staring at a blank screen day in and day out

❌ You want to talk about your product or service in every single post + just pray that someone purchases from you

You might be in business FOR YOURSELF, BUT you don't have to do this BY YOURSELF!

Who We Are

Rachel McMichael

Rachel McMichael is a business strategist and digital marketing expert who helps online course creators and coaches start, simplify, and scale their online business without sacrificing their family, their free time, or their sanity.

Through her signature program, The Business with Impact Academy™, and her podcast, Business with Impact, Rachel works with driven entrepreneurs to bring them the strategies they need to build a business that allows them to live the life they love while still creating a massive impact.

Kelli & Kristen

We are Kelli + Kristen (aka The Biz Runners)... 2 former Phys Ed teachers who met online, became best friends, and decided to start a business together! When we first started our own businesses 5 years ago, we knew we wanted to use social media to market our products.

We learned how to create a content calendar that allowed us to show up consistently. We tested + tweaked our captions so they started getting more engagement and led to more DMs in our inbox. We figured out how to continue to create content in a way that didn't take away from our families or our clients. And that’s EXACTLY what we are giving YOU with The Content Club™ Monthly Marketing Membership!!

But, don't just take our word for it...

This has helped me stay consistent with my social media presence by providing creative prompts and amazing graphics. I’m not sure what I’d do without them!

-Tara W.

Whether you are a new business owner or have been in business for years, this can help up your social content game. It takes the stress out of the daily question - what should I post, and the even more stressful - what photo should I post with it. Made for any type of business, my favorite part is the prewritten captions and the Canva templates. The community of female entrepreneurs are quick to answer each other's questions and encourage and support each other along the way.

- Glenneth R.

This has boosted my social media presence so much! Not only do I have a ton of ideas at my fingertips (with the words and images to go along with it), being a member gives opportunities for personalized feedback, specific trainings, and great community of other like-minded business owners! This helps me show up how I want to on social media without the added stress and time commitment, which is a must with another full-time job."

- Julia

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