Magnify Your Content™ Club [Backdoor]

Please note: Magnify Your Content™ is a membership. You will have access to the members portal for as long as you are a member. Once your membership is complete, you will no longer have access to the members portal.

Cancel Any-Time Guarantee

Have you ever been a part of one of those memberships that seems impossible to cancel? You search for the button, email the team, and hear CRICKETS?

That’s not us!

This is a cancel-anytime with the click-of-a-button. You can cancel at any time from inside your membership dashboard or you can email our team at any time to cancel, no questions asked (but of course, we hope you won’t)!

If you elect to cancel, you will continue to receive access to the content for the remainder of your membership time.

Please note: because of this guarantee, we do not offer refunds.


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